Mr Grass Head

You will need:

Grass Seed
A stocking
Some potting soil or compost
Push stud googly eyes
Elastic bands/ rubberbands

Put two handfuls of grass seed into the bottom of the stocking.

Push two eyes and secure with fasteners on the inside of the stocking.

Fill the stocking with soil until it is the size of head that you like.

Squeeze together a nose sized lump of soil and tie with a rubber band.

Do the same to make some ears if you would like.

You can paint a smile on using non washable acrylic paint or using a permanent marker pen.

Put a little more soil into the stocking if necessary and then tie the head up with a rubber band.

Sit your head onto a saucer and place on a window sill.

Sprinkle with water everyday and don’t let me dry out.

After a week or so give me a hair style!