Make a mini wormery


You will need:

A tall soda drink bottle made from plastic

Scissors and a scalpel (adults only to use this)

Potting soil or compost


Shredded paper

Grit or small stones

A skewer

Vegetable peelings

Ask an adult to help with the first two steps.

Cut the top off the bottle.

Make drainage holes in the bottom of the bottle by heating a skewer over a flame holding it with an oven glove. Push this through the plastic when it is really hot. Be very careful!

Put a couple of handfuls of soil into the bottom of the bottle.

Put a layer of sand next.

Then a layer of soil.

Then a layer of shredded paper.

Then another layer of small stones and carry on with as many layers as you like.

Finnish with the vegetable peelings (no citrus though)

Find some worms from your garden or pots and place them on the top of the wormery.

Cover the wormery loosely with a black bin liner and put in the shade.

Watch every hour to see how your worms bury the peelings and mix up all the layers. Amazing!