Graffiti Pumpkin



As well as using the pumpkins in cooking projects at school we also made a display about pumpkins for the RHS Westminster show.

Age range: Suitable for ages 3-8

You will need:
Orange, green and brown coloured card
Coloured pens or pencils


  • Cut out a giant pumpkin shape.
  • Cut out another identical shape and cut into segments.
  • Cut out a green stalk
  • Print out the ‘Did you know’ factsheet for each pupil

The activity

  • Read the pumpkin fact sheets and discuss.
  • These sheets can then be decorated with drawings and writing.
  • Give each pupil a segment of pumpkin.
  • Using the fact sheet or books, ask the pupils to graffiti their segment, using drawings and key words.
  • Once finished stick the segments together on top of the large pumpkin shape.
  • Attach the stalk and the display is finished.

Click this link to download the fact sheet  DID YOU KNOW Pumpkins.