Fruit we eat

Fruit we eatA lot of foods that we think of as vegetables, are in fact the plants fruit, such as tomatoes, eggplant and pumpkins. This is known as the botanical classification.

All about fruit

How apples are made

After a flower is pollinated the seeds are fertilised. Fruits develop from the fertilised ovule inside a flower. The fruits delicious sweet smell and flavour  and their bright colours, attract animals, birds and insects to eat them. The plant hopes that they will eat the fruit and deposit the plants seeds in a fertile new location to germinate into a new plant. Fruits are amazingly varied in shape  and size, often depending on the animal, bird  or insect it is trying to attract. Raspberry seeds are protected on the inside of the fruit and strawberry seeds are on the outside. Apples and pears have a large fruit around a small number of seeds. A lot of fruits are now bred to not have seeds in at all such as watermelons. Not all plants need to develop fruit and some plants are self fertile. Plants want to reproduce and they have created different ways of doing this according to their environment, climate and their own needs. They are completely amazing..